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Work as a Director

Director, Production Designer, and Costume Designer. This dramatic comedy centres around Jane, an exhausted working mother, torn between helping her difficult ageing mum and seeing her daughter perform at a national dive competition. Stars Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, The Witch, Prometheus) and Rosaleen Linehan (best known for her lengthy career on the stage.)

Shirley & Jane, Trailer. 2019.

Writer/Director. A woman struggles with her role in the recent death of her husband as she suspects that he may have come back to life. 

We Are Like Dust, Trailer. 2018.

Canadian poet Robert Priest, who has had a 45 year career in the Toronto arts scene, discusses his evolution as an artist and his emphasis on continuous learning throughout his career.

The Curious Beast - Robert Priest on Poetic Life. 2016.
Brotastic Destiny. 2016.

Writer, Director, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Editor. This DIY comedy was filmed on location in a Toronto skate park with real skateboarders. 

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