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    A Preoccupation With Romantic Love

an almost tragic comedy
        by Laura Thurlow

Bring forth your broken hearts and exorcise your exes – a darkly funny monologue about giving up on love.

Approaching her 30th birthday, after ten years of failed romances, Laura meets with the six ghosts who have broken her heart to exorcise them for good. A darkly funny, poetic monologue about letting go of the dream of ‘The One’ and loving yourself in their absence. The show explores gender, beauty and the fear that follows women who love men – their greatest known predator. How can you heal yourself while still compelled to chase the very thing that breaks you?

Laura Thurlow is a poet and comedian from the Great Lakes region of Canada, her previous features include Loud Poets and Spit It Out in Edinburgh, Spoken Word Paris and Commonword in Manchester.

Featuring the Vocal Talents Of :

Charlie Blanshard as Johnny

Daniel Camou as Sam

Demi Anter as Molly

Max Aspen as Dylan

Mustapha El Yousfi as Bernard

Toby Jeffries as Richard

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